20 Mar 2019

The Remaking of LAX: Project and Construction Update

In the 1920s, the airport Mines Field arose from the fields of Westchester, CA. L.A.’s first municipal airport was described as “a dirt patch with just rabbits running around,” according to airport historian, Ethel Pattison. Fast-forwarding close to a century, Los Angeles International Airport -- colloquially known as LAX ...

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startup business people group working everyday job at modern office
13 Mar 2019

FAANG’s Impact on L.A. Office Space

The headline on JLL’s Q4 2018 Office Insight report for Los Angeles is succinct: “New Supply Struggles to Keep Pace with Space-Hungry New Media Demand.” The report’s gist is that, while Facebook, Apple Amazon, Netflix and Google (FAANG) companies took a hit in the stock market ...

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