Latest APP Updates

Version 1.0.934.2

February 20, 2024

• Upgraded server communication security
• Improved performance

Version 1.0.933.8

July 24, 2022

• Added ability to manage state libraries
• Improved performance

Version 1.0.933.1

March 14, 2022

• Fixed a problem where “Shift-H” went to help screen rather than typing a capital ‘H’

Version 1.0.933

March 13, 2022

• Fixed a problem where if the computer has no internet connection, the program won’t open
• After carriage return, field lines now continue when printed
• Fixed a problem where sometimes an update results in no Contracts in the Library
• Fixed a problem where if computer clock is off by more than 5 minutes, program won’t open
• Created Contracts Library for Arkansas
• Created Contracts Library for Louisiana
• Updated Contracts Library for California
• Fixed a problem where adding a Contract to Finalized package results in added Contract also being Finalized
• Added “Printer”, “Save As PDF” icons in Quick Access Toolbar next to the Save Icon
• Added the ability to highlight text
• Fixed a problem where if the user.config file gets corrupted, the program won’t open
• Field font now will carry over to second line of same field
• Added a “Tooltip” to the “Finalize” button when a user tries to finalize a Template
• Can now install on virtual desktops reporting as servers
• Added a warning to the “Finalize!” button
• Can now set e-sign folder in Options

Version 1.0.932.1

November 8, 2021

• Fixed problem connecting to server for updates
• Allow updating Contracts from within the application
• New states released

Version 1.0.931.3

June 07, 2021

• Colorado: Single Tenant Lease Net said “GROSS” in header

Version 1.0.931.2

May 19, 2021

• New states released
• Minor typos fixed

Version 1.0.931

March 21, 2021

• New states released
• Exclusive Listing Agreement for Sublease of Real Property: paragraph 12, “Owner” changed to “Sublessor”
• Multi-Tenant Office Lease Net & Multi-Tenant Office Lease Gross: Section 1.13 checkboxes moved slightly
• Agency Disclosure: mobilehome changed to mobile home and multiunit changed to multi-unit, fixed ability to add text between bottom checkboxes
• Standard Industrial/Commercial Multi-Tenant Lease Net: Logo was missing

Version 1.0.930

December 15, 2020

• Revised Seller’s Mandatory Disclosure Statement, which includes MyNHD as the AIR CRE-approved Natural Hazard Disclosure provider

Version 1.0.928.9

June 8, 2020

• Minor bug fix: server side housekeeping

Version 1.0.928.6

April 27, 2020

• Minor bug fix to new Rent Reduction/Deferral Amendment: fixed improperly linked fields in sections 3,6,7

Version 1.0.928.5

April 5, 2020

• Minor bug fix to new Rent Reduction/Deferral Amendment: fixed improperly linked fields in section 7

Version 1.0.928.3

April 3, 2020

• New Agreement: Rent Reduction/Deferral Amendment. This amendment can be used by landlords and tenants to modify the amount of rent the tenant pays, and the time period associated with such modification. This Amendment is specific to rent modifications being made as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to view a sample of the new amendment.
• Alphabetized the order of the agreements in each of the folders in the Contracts library.
• Renamed the Single Tenant Sublease to Sublease for a Single Sublessee, and clarified its instructions for use description.
• Renamed the Multi-Tenant Sublease to Sublease for Multiple Tenants, and clarified its instructions for use description.

Version 1.0.928.1

March 29, 2020

• New Agreement: Amendment to Purchase and Sale Agreement. This document allows the parties to amend the purchase and sale agreement and/or the escrow instructions as necessary by specifying the reasons for doing so. The Amendment to Purchase and Sale Agreement can be found in the Contracts Library, Purchasing Property folder. Click here to view a sample of the new amendment.
• Minor changes done to all the Leases, Purchase Agreements and Assignment and Assumption Lessor’s Interest in Lease. Click here to view redline changes.

Version 1.0.927

June 17, 2019

• DocuSign: gives you the ability to have all of the contracts electronically signed. You can take advantage of this functionality with a DocuSign account.
• Purchase AIR CRE Contracts and Credits Online: all your contract purchasing needs are just one click away – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
• Contracts with Agent/Broker License # field now feature two fields: one for Broker (Firm) DRE License # and one for Agent DRE License #. You will see this on a number of contracts including the Leases, Purchase & Sale Agreements and Listing Agreements.
• Remove Contract Feature: for any contract in an open package, you can right-click on its name tab and select “Remove Contract.”
• Empty Field Reminder Feature: when you finalize a package and have not filled in all of the required fields, a pop-up appears letting you know which fields need to be filled out, including the Contract where the field can be found.
• Four new Contracts: Exhibits to Lease, Exhibits to Sale, Exhibits to Sublease, Addendum to Sublease.

Version 1.0.907

January 14, 2019

• Fixed typo in Commercial/Industrial, Vacant Land, and Residential 5 or More Units Purchase Agreements: Section 7.1 changed “Lease” to “transaction”

Version 1.0.906

January 4, 2019

• Automatically add Agency Disclosure Contract to Contracts that require it
• Major changes done to all the Leases, Purchase Agreements and Agency Disclosure Contracts.
• Allow users to send log files for issues investigation
• Fixed “Uninstall” the only option when updating the app
• Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.527

September 10, 2018

• Fixed finalization bug
• Fixed disabled buttons

Version 1.0.525

June 28, 2018

• Added option to Save As PDF
• Improved error handling
• Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.524.3

June 7, 2018

• Fixed bug when editing Guarantee of Lease contract
• Fixed error where app says you have not updated your software in X days
• Improved error handling
• Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0.522

Apr. 23, 2018

• Crash when right-click on Forms list fixed
• SpellChecker crash when pressing “Ignore Once” fixed
• Error handling & stability improvements
• Removed duplicate paragraph in Multi-Tenant Lease Gross section 6.4
• Removed incorrect required fields in Guaranty of Lease
• Corrected spelling on Guaranty of Lease

Version 1.0.514

Nov. 28, 2017

• Added the ability to globally Full-Justify all contracts via a Default Justification Setting from File, Options, Page Layout, Alignment.
• On the File, New screen, added a link to printable, pdf versions of all contracts with all the lines extended on the website allowing for easy hand-entering of data on the contracts.
• On the File, New screen, added a link to the Historical Contracts page on the website displaying all the red-line changes.
• Improved field linking and resolved a number of small bugs.
• Various changes to the forms language. Click here to view the latest red-line changes. The latest changes will be in red.