November 23, 2020 Maria Verdin

Contracts Seminar: Common Misunderstandings in Purchase & Sale Agreements

This highly informative presentation and Q&A covers the nuances of correctly using the AIR CRE Purchase & Sale agreements. Presented by AIR CRE Contracts experts Bryan Mashian and John Pagliassotti. (Run time: 2hr 10min)

FEE: $49.00 (free to those that registered for the live seminar)

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Download the Contracts that are covered in the session



Bryan Mashian
Mashian Law Group

John Pagliassotti
CRE Contracts Expert
AIR CRE Contracts Oversight Committee



  • Understanding the key differences between the PSA documents
  • Making sure you are using the correct entity on your contract
  • Quoting square footage
  • When does the deal clock start ticking?
  • Seller’s obligations to buyer
  • When does a deposit become non-refundable? And, is it truly non-refundable?
  • How to protect your future commissions
  • Contingencies: approval, disapproval, and how to conduct due diligence
  • Liquidated damages and deposits
  • Dispute resolution: Mediation and Arbitration