October 30, 2019 Maria Verdin

The Spirit of Halloween

Yesterday, AIR CRE held its quarterly staff meeting with our employees from both the OC and DTLA offices. These gatherings bring all of our teams together to review and update each other on what has been accomplished, what projects lay ahead and how we are working to continuously improve the association.

In addition to standard protocol and updates, this meeting also served as the annual Halloween party, complete with a trivia game, a costume contest and a handful of prizes being awarded to happy staff members. Believe me when I tell you, AIR CRE staff has a long history of taking Halloween seriously and the group didn’t disappoint this year.

AIR CRE has a talented and incredibly diverse team of professionals to begin with, so to see everyone’s unique character directly translate into their costumes was, unsurprisingly, incredibly impressive! In tandem with the business-side of the meeting, it’s refreshing to get to spend more personal, quality time with our staff, who bring as much dedication and creativity to their festive garb as they do their daily work.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be the Executive Director of such a gifted and driven team of professionals. I thoroughly enjoy and am continually inspired by opportunities, such as yesterday’s meeting, to take a step back to appreciate and recognize the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make AIR CRE such an incredible association and a terrific place to work.