April 27, 2020 Maria Verdin

Town Hall on Navigating Lease Contract Disputes in the Wake of Coronavirus

Friday, April 24, 2020 
Presentation and Q&A Session


Bryan Mashian is an attorney at Mashian Law Group, which focuses on commercial real estate and business law. He is also the legal counsel to the AIR CRE Contracts Committee and regularly leads AIR CRE Contracts Strategy Seminars for Members and contract users.


AIR CRE Leases and how they address coronavirus issues:

• Beyond force majeure – parties rights and remedies
• Does legal order for businesses to close mean tenants don’t have to pay rent?
• What are the remedies of landlords in collecting rent?
• What are the consequences of non-payment of rent under the leases?

During the presentation, Bryan  refers to the AIR CRE Single Tenant Net Lease Contract.