September 18, 2020 Maria Verdin

Legislative Alert: Spread the Word – Vote NO on Prop 15

Legislative issues concerning Prop 15.

Amid an unprecedented economic crisis, special interests are pushing Prop 15. If passed, it will destroy Prop 13’s commercial property tax protections, and will result in the largest property tax increase in CA’s history, costing jobs, and upending an economy already battered by COVID.

  • Because tax hikes are passed through to commercial tenants, it will raise rents, which will devastate small businesses, resulting in massive job loses
  • Makes the housing crisis worse
  • Hurts farmers, resulting in higher grocery costs for all
  • Increased energy costs
  • Eliminates the incentive to build solar energy systems
  • Lacks accountability and transparency as the new taxes will go to state and local governments to spend however the politicians want

Our partners at the California Business Properties Association (CBPA) have developed a checklist of critical action items that people and businesses can do to get the word out NOW – see below. With less than 2 months until the ballot vote, we need to mobilize our business community to oppose this proposition and protect the CA economy. Thanks, as always, for your participation.

Take Action NOW!

Beyond voting NO, there are a lot of ways that you can help to get the word out and educate clients, colleagues, friends and family. Easy-to-use templates are available for all of the items listed below. 


  1. Distribute a series of one page flyers that clearly articulate the major flaws with the proposition and who it will harm. Download Flyers for Email Now.
  2. Put a “No On Prop 15” logo/link on your company home page.
  3. Put a “No On Prop 15” logo/link on your emails.
  4. Sign up for campaign communications and share them with your peer groups and contact list and ask them to share.
  5. Incorporate language in opposition into your newsletter.
  6. Write an op/ed for a local paper or blog.


  1. Update your profile image with a “No On Prop 15” frame.
  2. Post updates that clearly articulate “No On Prop 15”.
  3. Post a series of images/infographics that clearly articulate the major flaws with the proposition and who it will harm. Download Images for Social Media Now.
  4. Push back on Facebook/Twitter messages against the “yes” messaging. Even if  you’re not comfortable making an argument, you can still post a comment such as “Now is not the time for the largest property tax increase in California History – it will put so many small businesses out of business!”


Infographics for Prop 15