November 14, 2018 Maria Verdin

California Midterm Election Results

By California Business Properties Association




After a 19 point victory, Governor-Elect Newsom wasted no time getting his team together. Announcing Ann O’Leary, a long-time policy advisor to Hillary Clinton to serve as his chief of staff. He also named Ana Matasantos, who served as Budget Director for both Governor Brown and Governor Schwarzenegger, as his Cabinet Secretary.


It was no surprise that Mr. Newsom won the Governorship as all the polls indicated his success, however the fact that he won by almost 20 points was surprising, and that wide margin has proven to produce some surprises in legislative races too.

Normally in the off-year elections Republicans expect to do better than during Presidential elections, however Tuesday saw the GOP lose control of the House of Representatives and apparently cede a 2/3s vote majority in both houses of the Legislature. It appears the trends are heading towards almost solid control across the board.


In some very positive news for the CRE industry, Eleni Kounalakis was successful in her bid for Lt. Governor with over a 12 point win. Eleni spoke with the CBPA Board over a year ago and received a rare endorsement. Her past experience as a commercial real estate professional and knowledge of our industry was key in our endorsement.


Even as the votes continue to be counted in some close races, it appears that both houses of the state Legislature will see a 2/3 vote Democrat majority, while setting the highest mark for one party in the Assembly in over 40 years.

In the Senate going in to the elections, Democrats controlled 26 of the 40 seats and needed one more to get to the supermajority of 27.

All Democrat incumbents appear to have successfully defended their seats and it appears they have flipped one needed seat, Senate District 14, in the Fresno/Bakersfield area as Sanger Councilwoman Melissa Hurtado is leading GOP incumbent Andy Vidak by 53.5 to 46.5 percent.

In the Assembly, Democrats are seeking to build on the supermajority they already hold. Although several races are too close to call, if there are realistic scenarios in which they see a plus-three pickup and could start the new legislative session with a 57-vote supermajority. 54 is the vote threshold needed to pass new taxes.


In a very bright spot for this election, our industry was part of the successful effort to defeat Proposition 10, the rent control measure. In total, over $48M was raised to defeat this measure, and almost half of that came from CBPA’s efforts as leaders of the Prop 10 Flaws effort.

Defeating rent control, you can see what happens when we are able to access capital to properly fund a campaign – this populist measure couldn’t even get to 40% support.

Rex Hime played a key role in organizing our industry’s distinct efforts in this fight, that paralleled the more broad-based No On 10 campaign, but emphasized some issues of specific importance to our members/industry.

We should take a moment to enjoy this victory. But our next task – defeating Split Roll Property Tax, on the ballot in Nov. 2020 – is already upon us. As there is no rest for the weary, we already have a meeting set up with other allied leaders dedicated to defeating split roll, next week.

Defeating this rent control measure by such a large margin shows that we can be successful at the statewide level when we are focused and funded. However, it is not a given. November 2020 is a Presidential Election Year and turnout amongst the Democrat base will be much higher.




Position Candidate Votes %
Governor Gavin Newsom (D) 4,760,757 59.7%
John H. Cox (R) 3,218,084 40.3%
Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D) 3,716,817 56.1%
Ed Hernandez (D) 2,908,818 43.9%
Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D) 4,880,051 62.0%
Mark P. Meuser (R) 2,985,875 38.0%
Controller Betty T. Yee (D) 4,962,828 63.2%
Konstantinos Roditis (R) 2,885,189 36.8%
Treasurer Fiona Ma (D) 4,818,369 61.6%
Greg Conlon (R) 3,005,406 38.4%
Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) 4,797,387 61.1%
Steven C Bailey (R) 3,060,667 38.9%
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara (D) 3,805,450 50.8%
Steve Poizner (NPP) 3,681,079 49.2%
Superintendent of Public Instruction Marshall Tuck 3,437,650 50.4%
Tony K. Thurmond 3,386,486 49.6%
U.S. Senate Dianne Feinstein (D) 3,834,203 54.4%
Kevin De Leon (D) 3,218,257 45.6%


Result Justice Yes
% No
Yes Carol A. Corrigan, Associate Justice 4,301,855 71.3% 1,734,196 28.7%
Yes Leondra R. Kruger, Associate Justice 4,255,329 71.8% 1,667,848 28.2%




Result Proposition Yes
% No
Yes 1 Bonds to Fund Veteran & Affordable Housing. 4,905,058 55.1% 3,991,454 44.9%
Yes 2 Amend Existing Housing Program for Mental Illness. 5,566,386 62.3% 3,369,960 37.7%
No 3 Bond for Water and Environmental Projects. 4,246,039 48.1% 4,575,668 51.9%
Yes 4 Bond for Children’s Hospital Construction. 5,483,494 61.5% 3,438,519 38.5%
No 5 Senior Property Reduction. 3,626,471 40.9% 5,244,050 59.1%
No 6 Repeal of Fuel Tax Approved by Voters. 3,938,567 43.5% 5,123,597 56.5%
Yes 7 Change Daylight Saving Time Period. 5,333,996 60.1% 3,534,160 39.9%
No 8 Regulates Kidney Dialysis Treatment Charges. 3,516,611 39.3% 5,441,678 60.7%
No 10 Rental Control on Residential Property. 3,558,557 39.3% 5,486,318 60.7%
Yes 11 Emergency Ambulance Employees on-call. 5,372,954 60.2% 3,552,628 39.8%
Yes 12 Farm Animals Confinement Standards. 5,516,972 61.8% 3,409,389 38.2%



Board of Equalization

U.S. House of Representatives

State Assembly

Courts of Appeal


Please note that above statistics are based on data available as of Nov 13, 2018.


Rex Hime, President and CEO 

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Matt Hargrove, Senior VP of Governmental Affairs 

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