February 3, 2020 Maria Verdin

Looking to the Future – AIR CRE’s 2020 Objectives

For the past sixty years, AIR CRE has helped transform the SoCal CRE industry with best-in-class products and services, and forward-thinking ideas, inspired by people just like you: CRE professionals who expect high-quality services from your industry partner.

As we enter our seventh decade, I am excited about where we are headed and the opportunity we have to continue making our mark on the CRE industry, both locally and across the country. During the next twelve months AIR CRE’s leadership, including our incredible Board of Directors, led by this year’s president, Kurt Strasmann, Executive Managing Director of CBRE Orange County, will be laser-focused on a number of key initiatives. Two in particular are:

1) Expanding the AIR CRE Contracts Customer Base

Our Contracts are the industry standard in California. It’s time they become the industry standard across the country. The foundation for this growth will be established this year with the benefits to AIR CRE and the CRE industry being felt for years to come. As part of this effort, I am very excited to announce that AIR CRE is sponsoring SIOR’s Spring Conference, Transact360, in Palm Desert, where we will introduce our Contracts to SIOR’s national network of professionals.

2) Creation of a Best-In-Class Online Education Platform

This is also a long-term play and will be developed over the next few years. With the incredible wealth of information that AIR CRE possesses in all aspects of the CRE industry, we are uniquely positioned to deliver top-quality education programs to CRE professionals everywhere.

Of course, our data quality will also remain a top priority, with our dedicated Research team, under the direction of Monique Ebel, working tirelessly to make sure the information we provide you is as complete, accurate and timely as possible. During the past twelve months we have significantly improved all datasets, with an emphasis on sales comp information. We now have over 5,000 fully researched comps, across all property types. This information can be accessed through our Research & Listings platform, where you will always find the most up-to-date listing, property and comp information.

I want to thank all of you for your continued trust in AIR CRE. We never forget that our Members are the backbone of this organization and the reason that all management and staff work so hard for you. I hope 2020 has started better than you expected and is a precursor to a decade of nothing but success.