November 9, 2018 Maria Verdin

2018: A Year of Great Challenges, Great Success

Dear AIR CRE Member,

Tim Hayes here.

Over the past few months, I’ve visited over 40 of your offices to demo AIR CRE’s new Research and Listings Platform. I always enjoy interfacing directly with our members because it’s the best way to learn first-hand what is important to you and to receive suggestions about how AIR CRE can continue to improve our products and services as part of our commitment to serving your needs.  Along with receiving excellent feedback and suggestions regarding our data system, contracts, networking events and other services, these meetings have also inspired me to communicate with you more regularly and to update you on what AIR CRE is working on now and what we have planned for the future.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, I’d like to first reflect back on our significant accomplishments this year; a year that has been both incredibly challenging and very rewarding.  Without breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back, I can say with all humility that since starting at AIR CRE in 1998, this past year was our finest hour.  When faced with a monumental setback, our team came together and performed at a very high level… like nose-bleed level.

To be clear, when mentioning the AIR CRE team, I am not only talking about the management and staff who run the organization on a daily basis.  The AIR CRE team also includes our tremendous Board of Directors and, most importantly, you… our members.  The support you gave us during these past 12 months has been amazing and is further evidence that there is no other commercial real estate organization quite like AIR CRE.   Where many organizations would have folded, AIR CRE dug in, went to work and fixed the problem.  Now, exactly one year later, we have a new data system that is even better than the previous and one that will continue improving as we move forward.  Your loyalty during this period was what motivated our refusal to fail.

While we are receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about this new data system, that is certainly not the only significant accomplishment of 2018.  Other successes include our crucial legislative updates, in-house Arbitration Services, updating our Rules of Professional Conduct and restoring Metropolis. We also expanded our popular Contracts Form Reviews and most recently, hosted another highly-successful 35th Annual Golf Classic.  BTW – on a personal note, one of the reasons I love our annual golf tourney is because it gives me the opportunity to spend the day with my great buddy, Bill Lenihan (Member since ’84).  Bill has been part of my foursome for the past eight tournaments and, even at 83 years young, he has one of the prettiest swings I’ve ever seen and still comes close to shooting his age.  To me, the strong relationship Bill and I share exemplifies a crucial importance this organization offers to members: we build relationships that matter.

So, in an effort to further open a more direct dialogue, I’d like to begin my inaugural monthly blog post today by addressing my objective and ideology behind it.  Quite simply: the reason for this blog is to deliver relevant information specifically about AIR CRE and generally about the industry as a whole.

AIR CRE is a most-unique organization; unlike any other CRE association across the country.  Not only is this a member-owned platform of commercial real estate professionals, but also an organization that solely functions to provide strategic solutions, critical tools and crucial resources required for success in the field.  The myriad services we provide extends far beyond just our listings database.  The Firms, Brokers, Appraisers, and Affiliate Organizations belonging to AIR CRE benefit from access to our industry standard contracts, legal resources such as our highly acclaimed Arbitration Services, networking and educational events like our annual SoCal Market Trends & Forecast featuring recognized leaders of the CRE industry, and perhaps most importantly, our Rules of Professional Conduct that ensure all members operate professionally and ethically in the marketplace.

As we move towards 2019, we look forward to rolling out a number of new, innovative products and services like a new broadcast email system, additional upgrades to the AIR CRE Contracts app, a public mediation service, regional AIR CRE networking events and the delivery of a best in class technology marketplace through partnership with the leading industry service providers.  You will be hearing more about these and other developments in the coming months.

I look forward to continuing to build and strengthen AIR CRE’s relationships, this organization and my communication with you.  In 2018, I was reminded of something so dynamic about this organization: it’s tremendous strength of character, and thereby the collective strength of you, our members.

We look forward to great things to come in 2019.


Tim Hayes