December 19, 2018 Sean Pullin

Listings and Comps: Search Data by Drawing Shapes

With the AIR CRE Research & Listings Platform, you can search by drawing a custom shape onto the map to search in a specific area.

  1. From the main search map, select the “Draw Shapes” option in the top left corner.
    • Once selected, your cursor will turn into a “+” sign. Move the cursor around the map to the location where you would like to begin to draw your shape.
  2. Once you click and hold your cursor down, you can now draw the “+” around the map to create the custom search area. To complete the shape, connect the two ends of the line you are drawing.
  3. Once you have the shape, select the “Apply Shape” button. Or, select the “Cancel” button to start over.
  4. Next, set your desired search parameters as usual (aside from Location), and the results will show in your custom designed area.

Please note: You can use multiple shapes on a search by selecting “Draw Another Shape”. You can also use the Draw Radius tool at the same time as the Shapes tool.