November 21, 2018 Sean Pullin

Listings and Comps: Search Out of Market Data

Searching Out of Market Data

  1. Once logged in to the AIRCRE Research & Listings platform and viewing the main map search page, zoom out of the map by selecting the “-“ symbol on the left side of the page.
  2. As you zoom out, you will see the full map of the United States as well as many other colored pins in other markets around the country.
    • Using your mouse, you can begin double-clicking in certain area’s to then zoom back in to the market you would like to search for available space (be careful not to click an actual pin).
  3. If you would like to go back to your home market, simply select the “AIRCRE” logo.

Please note – the data in the other markets is all researched locally by the brokers of that market. AIRCRE cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information outside of our local SoCal market.