April 17, 2020 Sean Pullin

ProspectNow: Navigating the Results Page

The ProspectNow system has huge amount of data available, so it helps to know what each section of the results is displaying, and how you can navigate it to best discover the information to help your business.

Once you have run your search and have landed on the results page. There are 3 main sections of information that you can navigate. Each will be broken down further in their individual pages which will be linked within this tip, but here is a short description of each.

  1. The Map – With the map, it will show you a maximum of 50 results. Each of the blue buildings, can be clicked on to load the information for that property. You can toggle between Map/Satellite views and zoom in and out with the + and – sign on the left of the map. You can also use the hand that shows up in place of your mouse cursor to scroll around the page to see different areas.
  2. Property Information – There are 6 tabs of detailed information for each property in the system. These categories include Property, Owner, Tenants, History, Listings, and Comps. You can scroll through each tab for additional information about the property.
  3. The Results – On the bottom of the page is a breakdown of results. Each record can be selected from the list and the property details will then load in the Property Information section as described above. This area is entirely customizable based on your needs, but some of the obvious data points you likely want included are the Property Owner (Recorded Owner), Address, Owner Address, Phone, and the Likely Seller column.

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