April 17, 2020 Sean Pullin

ProspectNow: Navigating the Results Page – Property Information

In ProspectNow, once you have entered your search criteria, the system will provide you with a full property profile for each result in your search. This is broken down into 6 tabs of information that include: Property, Owner, Tenants, History, Listing and Comps.

Property – The property tab includes all of the county recorded information. Building details, Financial information, location, and tax information.

Owner – All of the recorded owner information will appear in this tab. This will include the owners name, either the individual or the purchasing entity, their address, and the LLC information if application. From this tab, you also have the option to select “Get Phone”. This will then acquire the true owner phone number/address information. At this point, you will be charged 1 of your 500 monthly credits. The phone number will then remain with this record and appear in all properties that this owner may own.

Tenants – The tenant tab will include tenant information, which is compiled from a few sources, and add in various details regarding their business. Some of these details include their name, phone number, main point of contact, size, and address.

History – this includes important details regarding the financial history of the property. Mortgage details and re-fi information including borrower details, terms and interest rates.

Listings – if there are any listings held within the CRMLS, they will be imported into the system for your viewing. This does not include information from the AIR CRE Research & Listings Platform.

Comps – The comps tab will include any local sales relative to the property. You are able to filter it by the timeline in which they were sold and by distance from the source property.

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