April 17, 2020 Sean Pullin

ProspectNow – Export owner info to Excel

1. Once logged in to ProspectNow, the first page you see will show the Guided Search in the top left corner. From here, you can select the option for Build a List of Properties. Once selected, then click the orange Next button. 

2. The next page will ask What is the Goal of Your Search. For this example, we will be targeting those who may be interested in selling their property. Select the option for Finding           Potential Sellers, then click Next.

3. Now, the system will ask you where do you want to search. This is first broken up by State, then by County (Please remember, you have access to information Nationwide). You may select multiple counties, but you should keep your results as targeted as possible to ensure a strong return of information. Once you have your counties selected, click Next.

4. Now you have the option to create your list based on either Cities, Zip Codes, a Radius around an address, or Search an Area on a Map (draw the area). For this example, we will select Cities, and then select Next.

5. Now, you can select which city(s) you wish to search for owners in. You can select multiple cities at once. In this example, you can see I selected the city of Anaheim. Once it is selected, it will show you how many commercial/residential results the search will return at the top of the page. This is important to keep note of, as the number will change as you enter additional criteria to filter down your results. Once you are ready to move, again, select Next.

6. Here, you can select which Property Type you are looking into. You can select either the overall category, or a sub-category. In this example, I selected the Industrial category, and it automatically selects the sub-categories. As you can see now, the total results dropped dramatically. You guessed it, now select Next.

7. Next is your final filters page (there is more than the screenshot below presents). Use as many filters as you need, but on this page in particular, less is more. The less you fill out, the more results you get back. I do recommend the Likely Sellers check box to be selected. This is an important option as ProspectNow has developed an algorithm that helps to target those who may be more likely to sell their property than others. Now, you can select next. The following page will allow you to save your search to quickly access it again in the future if you wish. If you do not wish to save it, simply click Next.

8. Your results will show up on the page with a few different areas that you can do further research on individual properties. However, to quickly export your results into excel you can click the blue Select All in Search text, and then the orange Export button.

9. In the pop-up window that appears, be sure you select the first two options for including phone numbers and emails. Once you select Export it will ask you one final time to click a final Export At this point, it will begin to create the CVS file for you that you may use going forward. This is also when you will be charged credits equaling the number of records you are exporting (As an AIR CRE member, you receive 500 per month). You do not need to wait for it to export completely as it may take some time depending on the number of results. If you close export pop-up window, it will email you the results once complete.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance at any time. You may reach our Director of Training, Martin Vartanian, or our support staff at 213-687-8777.