Martin A. Vartanian

Director of Training


O 213.687.8777
F 213.687.8616

500 North Brand Blvd, Suite 900
Glendale, CA 91203

Martin has been in the computer industry since 1980 and has been with AIR CRE since 1994. Among Martin’s various roles at AIR CRE, he served as the IT director for 12 years, he is currently the Training Director for AIR CRE, Martin’s responsibilities include member training on CDX and all of AIR CRE’s products and services. Martin has also been instrumental in the development of e-MULTIPLE and the ongoing development of the WinAIR Forms software.

Martin enjoys spending time with his wife, Monica and their two boys, Anthony and Alexander. In his spare time, Martin enjoys working out, taking martial arts, playing soccer, playing squash and tennis.